Management Policy

Corporate Principles

We carry out asset management services based on the following 3 basic policies.

Basic Policy on Asset Management

When managing MCUBS MidCity Investment Corporation’s assets under management, we strive to realize the steady growth of assets under management and to secure stable earnings.

Basic Policy on Compliance

We fully understand our social responsibilities and mission as MCUBS MidCity Investment Corporation’s asset management company, and work to thoroughly ensure compliance in order to carry out appropriate and fair management of assets under management of MCUBS MidCity Investment Corporation.

Basic Policy on Disclosure

From the perspective of ensuring transparency, we strive to make timely and easy-to-understand disclosure of information concerning MCUBS MidCity Inc. and MCUBS MidCity Investment Corporation, in addition to legal disclosure, to investors with accuracy and fairness. Furthermore, we make voluntary disclosure of information that is deemed important or useful to investors, as much as possible.


(As of March 28, 2017)